August 2017 - I was on the Triple J Hip Hop Show !! What else is there to say, a v v v cool career milestone to be sure! There was interview part which isn't in my mix, I didn't realise how nerve racking being on the other side of the mic was tbh. But yeah very cool and I'm chuffed with the mix I think it's one of my best, a good mix of local and international. 

June 2017 - new mix for the fam at REDDS CUPS they were even nice enough to write an article about me to go with the mix 💞

So this mix is my most popular yet?! It's also the shortest I've ever done (20mins) and turn around was so short on this; we were emailing on Mon/Tues about it and I handed the mix in by Thurs, usually I agonise for a week over the tracklist before I even start putting it together properly. They said I could just submit a mini-playlist but I would rather give a shorter mix than hand in a lazy playlist. And after all that it turned out to be my most popular mix!

A mix for the homies over at MISSBISH!It's like Hypebeast for girls, so you KNOW I'm all over that and all about it haha

So it's April 2017 and I haven't done a mix since August 2016 (see below)🙊 Straight up I just got real lazy since the gigs were rolling in (I played at Secret Garden, my first festival! I played the Metro Theatre the night of Mardi Gras!) And plus I have my radio show and that's like making mixes for y'all every single week in week out.

I felt like making a mix in honour of cuffing season because it's so cold in Sydney lately and I just wanted to make a mix of the more soulful slow jams I don't get to play out. I'm not really known for playing Maxwell or India Arie but I froth. 

I made this mix in anticipation of the first ever One Day Sundays I DJ'ed in Sydney (August 2016). Wow what an honour and a privilege, for a hip hop DJ in Australia there is truly no better/prestigious gig. 

I made a real conscious effort to include Aussie hip hop in this one, since that's obviously an important part of who One Day are. (In case you didn't know, they are an Aussie rap group. )

It also got a write up in Life Without Andy ! Link HERE

The title says it all fam tbh hahaha.

This is my more ratchet rap mix, shout out to Cardi B on the intro she is the true patron saint of rachets everywhere!

My first mix for Soundcloud ! I remember I pretty much had it all done, and then "One Dance" came out the night before I was going to upload it, so naturally I had to make space in my mix to include it.

That totally terrible artwork is from the website "Powerpuff Me" where you can turn yourself into a Powerpuff Girl ha ! Please note the DJ headphones, pink hair, reflective sunnies, and Illuminati tee !